10 Thoughts – December 7th



Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

1.I kind of want to buy into bitcoin, but I think it’s only because I want to tell people that I bought into bitcoin.

2.The busier we are, the less we think. The less we think, the less we overthink.

3.I miss the days when I used to overthink. Just a little bit though.

4.Why am I scared to tell people that I want to be a writer?

5.I once heard if guys want to ‘take a break’ in a relationship, it’s just so they can see if they can find anyone better. Supposing this is true, why can’t they think about what they want while they’re in a relationship? Why do women take back the men who do this?

6.I wish we criticized each other more often. We’ll always have blind spots.

7.One of my favorite things about little kids, is how they genuinely get excited to certain people. There are no judgments and conditions- if they think they love you, they love you.

8.My boss and I wore a similar looking shirt today. The last time I wore this shirt, she was also wearing the similar shirt. If we started dressing similar all the time, would some people take me more seriously?

9.How should we handle it when people we don’t want to hang out with, try to befriend us?

10.If we know we’re not going to have a long relationship with someone, should we try our best to connect with them while we can, or try our best to not get attached?


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