10 Thoughts- December 4th


Photo by Patrick Fischer on Unsplash

1.Which is more important: getting enough exercise or getting enough sleep? I know they’re linked. But if we can only choose one, which one should we choose?

2.My friend didn’t believe me when I said I write more after a drink. I still stand by my case. Even if I’m wrong, I enjoy writing it more and that counts for something. But I think I’m right.

3.Why do so many people want to go into accounting? What about that career draws people in?

4.I’ve been able to fall asleep easily this year. I wondered about why and when that change happened. I think it’s because I’m always a little bit sleep deprived now.

5.If you’re serious about your workout, running into people at the gym is annoying. I don’t want to talk to them when I’m all sweaty and gross. I don’t want them to know me like that.

6.How do you talk with kids that don’t speak English, but still talk to you as though you understand them. It’s different with adults who don’t speak English. Adults know their limits, and are generally better at charades. After a kid says something you don’t understand, they look at you with these trusting little eyes. And you’ve got nothing.

7.Why are some people proud of not sleeping enough? They relish in saying they’re tired when you ask how they are, and they brag about drinking 9 cups of coffee a day. It’s like ‘tired’ is part of their identity.

8.Assuming for a moment that ghosts are real- have I ever seen a ghost and not recognized it? Or maybe I’ve been too preoccupied with my thoughts to notice it haunting me?

9.Do some authors write full time? Are there writers that set up a 9-5 workday for themselves and write/edit/brainstorm for 8 hours on the weekdays?

10.I was wishing that I put more effort into my Early Women Writers class last year. My GPA for English was fantastic. This class wrecked that. The part I regret is my attitude- I didn’t like the class and then didn’t do a lot of the work. BUT, that class actually did suck. I still wish I tried harder, but it would’ve been better if I’d taken a different class instead.



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