10 Thoughts – December 1st


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


1.It’s dumb that people wait for a specific calendar day to decorate for Christmas. Where is the originality?

2.Women should be more choosy about their partners. In my experience, women are usually the ones who will stay in a bad relationship too long, whereas the men are the ones who pull away first.

3.Should you try to find a career that makes you happy, or to learn to be happy in whatever career you have.

4.How should I react if I fall on the ice? Is there a reaction that could make the whole thing look cute?

5.Why do so many immature people think they’re mature? And if I think I’m mature, does that mean I’m one of these immature people?

6.How does anyone find fulfillment working in a daycare for more 1 year (context: I work in a daycare).

7.People I know probably won’t appreciate if I get abs, because they only care about if they have abs. But it doesn’t matter if they do because I love my abs.

8.What exactly does it mean to ‘have your shit together?

9.For now, I think it’s more important to enjoy my life than to look for a fulfilling career path. If I enjoy what I do, I’ll ultimately to a better job of it. Then, in theory more opportunities will come up.

10.A lot of people make themselves too busy to connect to others.


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