10 Thoughts – December 7th

  1.I kind of want to buy into bitcoin, but I think it's only because I want to tell people that I bought into bitcoin. 2.The busier we are, the less we think. The less we think, the less we overthink. 3.I miss the days when I used to overthink. Just a little bit though. … Continue reading 10 Thoughts – December 7th


10 Thoughts- December 5th

1.'Not thinking about it' is actually an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone. I've been practicing this for awhile and now that I'm getting good at it, it's improving my life. 2.I wonder how much work it would take to make a good quality short film. 3."Know that if I'm ever not … Continue reading 10 Thoughts- December 5th

10 Thoughts- December 4th

1.Which is more important: getting enough exercise or getting enough sleep? I know they're linked. But if we can only choose one, which one should we choose? 2.My friend didn't believe me when I said I write more after a drink. I still stand by my case. Even if I'm wrong, I enjoy writing it … Continue reading 10 Thoughts- December 4th


10 Thoughts – December 1st

  1.It's dumb that people wait for a specific calendar day to decorate for Christmas. Where is the originality? 2.Women should be more choosy about their partners. In my experience, women are usually the ones who will stay in a bad relationship too long, whereas the men are the ones who pull away first. 3.Should … Continue reading 10 Thoughts – December 1st